Tobias George


The Tobias George brand came about from a love of design and making. I’ve always held visual aesthetics and design close to my heart, so when starting the brand I wanted that to be a key factor, not only in the making side of things, but also in the display and set up of the workshop.
Typically I went to school and studied both GCSEs and A levels, doing particularly well in the practical subjects where I was able to be creative, however, university wasn’t an option for me. I began making things purely for a love of making things and then got carried away! 4 years later and It’s now almost a full time job, with regular commissions being sent out all over the UK. I’m often asked how I learnt various skills in wood work, and the truth is that I learned by doing. I’ve been fortunate enough to have spent a lot of time with my father and grandfather, both when I was younger, and even now, and they’ve both taught me valuable skills and lessons in the craft, even though its often me teaching them these days!